Karin Rabhansl

„Liederbayern strikes back!“ – she is considered one of the most uninfluential artists of her generation … and has made a name for herself as „the no-hit wonder from the Bavarian Forest“: the fearless Karin Rabhansl makes darkly colorful songwriting in High German and Lower Bavarian.

With only her voice, guitar and loop station, the bird-wild Rabhansl style mix works on theater and cabaret stages as well as at outdoor festivals, ignites in the scene club on St. Pauli as well as in Hubbi’s legendary music inn in Bad Endorf.

They sing in the dialect of their Lower Bavarian homeland, but also in High German or, when the pressure is on, in English. The lyrics are about winners and losers, about monsters and superheroes, liars and constant complainers, about loneliness, farewells, betrayed dreams and death. Karin Rabhansl tells of nights spent awake, of lost days at the employment office and what it’s like to sit all alone in aFürth art house cinema on New Year’s Day.

„I’m a guitar girl,“ says the Lower Bavarian with the colorful striped stockings, who doesn’t want to be pinned down stylistically and yet knows exactly where she comes from and what she wants. As Pippi Longstocking once sang, „I’ll make the world as Ilike it!“

Karin Rabhansl Solo & Guests on 6 September live @ Wombat’s City Hostel Vienna.