Padraig McLoughlin

“Whether the love of crafting melodies and structuring songs, or the deciphering of meaning from those often seemingly cryptic lyrics that can sometimes sprout out of the unconscious throughout the process, I just find incredible catharsis in the wonderment of songwriting. It offers me a purpose and a satisfaction that very few other endeavors can give“, reflects Padraig McLoughlin. With two singles and a four-track EP having been released to date under his chosen moniker, „Sons of Loughlin“, a full-length collection of tracks is up next for the Navan native, with a view on the beginning of next year being a realistic time for release. 

A DIY approach is where the focus lies, he explains. “I had the fantastic opportunity to work together with a close friend on my previous releases, and I feel we both learned a tremendous amount about what it takes to record and produce music as a part of a team. And whilst I thoroughly enjoyed that approach, I do feel I need to now take what I learned from that time and use it to immerse myself in a solo album project and see where a more reclusive setup will take me musically“.