Super Panela

Five years and more than a hundred concerts later, the Toulousian band has become very familiar with the roads of southern France and northern Spain. In it’s distinctive Colombian music style, the band shifts seamlessly between accoustic street music with cumbias and porros and onstage modern afrobeats and salsa music through the introduction of the balafon, timbales and gaitas. This mobile ensemble know how to get the crowd going!

Super Panela’s roots are deeply intrenched in the golden age of tropical music orchestras (Lucho Bermudez, Pacho Galán). Influences from both traditional (Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto, Totó la Momposina) and contemporary bands (Puerto Candelaria, Grupo Bahía, Herencia de Timbiquí) can be heard in their sound.

Continuously searching for new and innovative material, the band has begun to find its own distinctive voice in the expansive world of afro-latin music to excite and captivate their audience. 8 EP titles were recorded in the Toulouse’s Waïti Studio in Spring, 2019. It marks the band’s first original compositions within their repertoire, along with a more dense and modern sound largely due to the introduction of a chromatic balafon.

The Super Brass Band

With two hours of music inspired by the Colombian callejeros band (think papayeras, chirimías, porros, puyas …) and performing cumbias and merecumbes of the tropical orchestras from the 50’s or more modern champeta criola, the band always finds a tune to make the audience sing and dance in the most surprising of places!

On parade, at a street corner or indoors, it’s always the right time to share a happy moment with the audience while the eight frantic musicians strive to sound like sixteen!