Viki Rácz

Viki Rácz is a singer-songwriter and producer. Inspired by her passion for nature, that passion takes her to undiscovered places among the wonderful forests and rugged hills of her native Hungary. Accompanied by capturing melodies, each song tells its own story. A natural story.

As a solo artist, Croatia, Germany and Ireland have been graced with Viki’s melodies. The atmosphere she creates in her performances, coupled with her Indie-folk approach, ranges from peaceful harmony to the thrill of joy.

As well as touring solo, Viki is also the lead singer and guitar player with the band “Wolfolks”. Based in Hungary, Wolfolks are an energetic live force, with the rhythms and songs to match. Recent sojourns saw the band play successful shows in Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. The future as they say looks bright.

Viki Rácz + Guests on 2 August 2022 live @ Wombat’s City Hostel Vienna